The Civil War trailer has arrived!

The trailer for Captain America: Civil War. It seems like Bucky Banes is going to be responsible for the event that sparks a division in regards to the super hero registeration. Which makes sense considering their is no mention to the New Warriors in the Marvel cinematic world. Another thing, that will probably differ from the comics is negative zone. Mostly everyone that has been introduced will be in this one minus Hulk (who is gone away), Thor (who is dealing with troubles on his own world) and the Gaurdians (they should evenaully meet up in a few years... I hope). Spiderman and Black Panther will play a role. Thuderbolt Ross is on the cast list. Could that mean we are seeing a Red Hulk?

Age Of Apocalypse

The Age of Apocalypse comics follow an alternate universe in which Charles Xavier died at the hands of his son (Legion), long before founding the X-Men and his School. In this timeline, Magneto instead creates the X-Men and allies himself with somewhat familiar groups. America has been taken over by Apocalypse, Europe and Asia are were humans who survived have traveled to for refuge and a secret paradise called Avalon is home to mutant refugees. The X-Men Bishop, because he was a time-traveler to begin with, becomes stuck in this universe and is the only one that knows about the effects of Xavier's premature death. Magneto sees Bishops visions and is convinced he must go back in time to f


By far the Best Selling sandwich, at Hero Or Villain, is the one and only Kingpin sandwich. A simple build of grilled deli chicken, melted mozzarella, fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, avocado (Optional) drizzled with a housemade creamy pesto aioli (nut-free) on grilled sourdough bread. Not overly complex, but has dept in flavor. As with all sandwiches from Hero Or Villain, the meat and cheese are grilled separately from the bread, making for a bite that is warm and fresh throughout. The Kingpin received it's name in tribute to the Daredevil, Spider-man nemesis. Sophisticated, but can stand alone in a fight. The white sourdough bread is a nod to the white blazer Kingpin is traditionally ass

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