Hero Or Villain: Cosplay Calendars

That's right fans, the 2016 Hero Or Villain Cosplay Calendars are ready! Hero Or Villain brought together real Detroits to make this year's Cosplay Calendar magical. Featuring characters like Supergirl, X-Men, Pikachu and more. Set at Detroit scenes such as B. Nektar Meadry, Eastern Market and Corktown. Thank you to all the participants for coming out. Pick up a calendar now from our facebook page.

Can you b(eat) the Juggernaut?

Only few have proven strong enough to conquer the Juggernaut alone, we suggest building a team of 2 -3 to challenge this villain! The Juggernaut will be in limited rotation, no more than 6 available per service. We suggest keeping a close eye on Twitter or Facebook to see when the Juggernaut is available near you, and arrive early.

We believe in telling a story

We believe that there is a story behind every meal. We tell these narratives different from most authors or illustrators. The pages of our comics are told between two pieces of bread. The characters are no longer based in words and illustrations, rather delicious combinations of fresh local ingridients, grilled to order that transcribe an adventure to your taste buds! The Hero Or Villain Food Truck offers an unique take on deli style food and catering. Specializing in grilled cheese, BLTs, chicken sandwiches and more! We do offer menu items that are friendly to most dietary and common allergen concerns, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free. Hero Or Villain can often be seen

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