Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It's finally here! The beginning of the Justice League. The movie was awesome, as we all had expected. Detroit is well represented throughout the movie, including an early driving scene that ends at Shelby and Fort St and the epic battle of Batman v Superman that happens right within the Russell Industrial Center. One thing I must say about this movie, it is not a Batman movie! At least, not in the sense of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Yes, the movie did reintroduce the scene of Bruce Wanye's parents being shot when he was a child and there was some amazing nightmare sequences that were told from the Batman perspective. However, this was a epilogue to the Justice League. In a sense, it was remin

The Truck

In this segment, we are going to tak It was May of 2014 when we went forth on an adventure to bring Emma home to Detroit. The journey home took a toll on Emma. She eventaully stopped in Chicago where she rested for a week, and recieved well needed attention to her fatigued arms. In the following months, she was rejuevanted from the inside out! In July she recieved her new iconic blue design. The graphics are were created by a talent young artist, by the name of Ivan Lee. The artwork depicts an epic battle between good and evil, Hero Or Villain. The backdrop is a skyline that combines the city of Detroit and Chicago (paying hommage to the hometown of co-owner Richard Zemola). Her first day of

#DragonsAreReal Release Party

Place: B. Nektar 1511 Jarvis St, Ferndale, MI 48220 Time: Catering from 4 PM to 10 PM Price: $14 all you can eat! Event: #DragonsAreReal Release Party The time has come friends! This Saturday, March 5th, Hero Or Villain will be previewing their brand new catering menu at B. Nektar. This catering will be available for private events, including: office parties, graduations, birthday parties, wedding and more! At the same time, B. Nektar will be releasing their exclusive #DragonAreReal mead (overall rating of 100 on beer advocates). Cherry, chocolate sweetness, balanced by smoky warm chipotle flavor (visit the B. Nektar website for more details). Below is our pairing for the release party for

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