The Hero Or Villain Universe:

Want to know more about the heroes and villains that make up our food truck universe? Hot Sandwiches Hoagie Wan Kenobi – Grilled chicken, muenster cheese, romaine lettuce, with fresh sliced red tomatoes with Sriracha mayo on a grilled hoagie Megaman – (B.L.T.) Bacon, fresh sliced red tomatoes and romaine lettuce with mayo on grilled sourdough bread Hawkeye – Turkey, swiss cheese with sauerkraut, pickles and 1000 island dressing on marble rye. Captain Planet – Portabella mushrooms marinated in balsamic vinaigrette, mozzarella, roasted red pepper with pesto aioli on a grilled hoagie Mario – Capicola, salami, mozzarella roasted red pepper, oregano, oil and vinegar on a grilled hoagie Frieza – M

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