Say Hello to the Sidekick!

At this point most of you have seen her out and about, but we think it's time to formally introduce you do the newest member of the Hero or Villain team-the Sidekick Van! We've converted this beautiful Ram van inside and out to make her everything we could possibly dream of. Because we have the same amenities on the Sidekick that we do on the OG truck, we can provide the same delicious menu that you know and love. It's been interesting for the team to adapt to a smaller space. The inside of the Sidekick is about half of the size of the OG. This means that we're all a lot closer to one another which can be a good thing and a bad thing. It's great to be able to have what you need within reach,

Why we need a Storm Origin movie

With the Dark Phoenix movie due to come out next year, it got me to thinking why on earth do we need another Jean Grey movie? Don't get me wrong, as an X-Men loyalist I truly enjoy the character in the comics and was even cool with the cinematic portrayal of this character. My issue is, why do the decision makers at Fox keep focusing on this story? X-men comics have been around since the 60s with an abundant amount of members, why not give someone else the limelight? My solution to this dilemma, the Storm Origin movie! Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, has a rich backstory, plenty of close relationships with other mutants and is arguably an Omega level mutant herself. Storm's character was

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