Who ARE these Heroes and Villains?

It dawned on us recently that not every one of our loyal sandwich eaters is also a comic book reader, so we’ve decided to throw together a simple list of our core four sandwiches to let you know who your favorite sandwiches are named after! Let’s start with our Heroes: You don’t really need to know comics to know Thor. Mythological Thor and Marvel’s Thor are’t exactly the same but the basics are. For clarification we’ll be talking about Marvel’s Thor. Thor, son of Odin, is the God of Thunder. He and his people come from a realm near Earth, called Asgard, and are considered to be Gods by humans. Thor wields a massive hammer that can only be lifted by those worthy. He uses it to summon lightni

Merch VOTE!

We need a HERO! We’ve come up with 7 different designs for new merch, in this case stickers, and we want to know which designs YOU like the best! We have different shapes and sizes with all of our awesome Hero or Villain characters for you to choose from. Please have a look at them and then feel free to comment here, on any of our social media platforms or even send us a private message to let us know what corresponding letter/letters YOU would choose! Starting with some bumper sticker sized choices, both of these will be around 8 1/2 inches long and would look awesome on any car! Option A. Captain Hoagie and The Flash Fryer from the OG Truck! Option B. Catalyst, Umami and Blue Valor from th

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