Top 10: Best Wedding Venues in Metro Detroit (that are Food Truck friendly)

It's the end of the year and time to look back on one of our favorite blogs. Weddings! In our last blog we mentioned our updated Truck Rental Menu, and as the name says, if you'd like to Truck to come to your Wedding/event, this is the menu you'll be ordering from. Now, sometimes, having the truck come out to your event might not be feasible, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in your favorite Hero or Villain foods! That's where our new Catering Menu comes in! You order and let us know what, where and when and we drop it off! Now without further ado, our top Wedding Venues! It is that time of year again! Love is in the air, as the 2019 wedding planning season is in full motion. Here at

Our new Truck Rental menu explained

This week we debuted our brand new Truck Rental menu and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the first major overhaul that we’ve had since the very start so we’ve taken a lot of time to think about how we could change things around to make the process much easier to understand for you and for us too! We have 4 incredible packages to choose from ranging between $10-$18 per person. Every package includes our made to order sandwiches and a side. Our Basic Package offers each guest one of a choice 5 sandwiches and a bag of Better Maid chips, every tummy will be full and happy The Super Package is the same idea as the Basic Package but we provide our seasoned waffle fries instead of chips! The N

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