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Things to consider before booking

Hero or Villain looks to meet these suggested criteria to have your request be considered. Please review before completing the form. 

  • A minimum of 65 eaters​

  • 2.5 - hour timeframe

    • Generally 5 PM - 7:30 PM

  • Accessibility to restroom

    • Hero or Villain is required by state law to have access to a restroom for employees

  • Allocated space for vehicles

    • Big Truck requires a space 30ft x 10ft​

    • Sidekick requires a space 16ft x 10ft

  • Neighborhood advertisement​

    • We do our part to promote our arrival, but our best locations promote our visits within the neighborhood as well. ​Things like flyers, signs, and social media posts really help us get the message out

  • Minimums may be required​

Request a neighborhood visit

Notes (e.g. parking details, dietary restrictions, ect.)

Thanks for your request

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