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Megaman w/ Rush - A Classic BLT

There is something magical about the simplicity of a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes a bit of mayo and grilled sourdough bread. With fresh ingredients and a little love, this easy combination has become a fan favorite. Ladies, please do not be discouraged by the name, the Megaman is for everyone who loves bacon.

If you would like to add more excitement to your deli endeavor, try one of our add-ons. The picture in this post is what is known as a Megaman w/ Rush, or in layman terms a BLT with a fried egg. By default we cook the egg over medium, however you are able to request your preference. We recommend over medium because the yolk is still soft and juicy. This guarantees an explosion of flavor that makes that first bite unforgettable.

Another add-on that is a mainstay at the Hero Or Villain Deli, is the Flame Sword (giardiniera). I have attached a link, if you would like to learn more about what giardiniera is, but is it essentially a mix of pickled mild veggies and peppers. In my hometown of Chicago, giardiniera goes on everything (especially sandwiches). Look for even more ways to spruce up your Megaman? Try adding one or multiple of the following: avocado, grilled onions, goat cheese or Sriracha!

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