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#DragonsAreReal Release Party

Place: B. Nektar 1511 Jarvis St, Ferndale, MI 48220

Time: Catering from 4 PM to 10 PM

Price: $14 all you can eat!

Event: #DragonsAreReal Release Party

The time has come friends! This Saturday, March 5th, Hero Or Villain will be previewing their brand new catering menu at B. Nektar. This catering will be available for private events, including: office parties, graduations, birthday parties, wedding and more! At the same time, B. Nektar will be releasing their exclusive #DragonAreReal mead (overall rating of 100 on beer advocates). Cherry, chocolate sweetness, balanced by smoky warm chipotle flavor (visit the B. Nektar website for more details).

Below is our pairing for the release party for your perusal.

The Main Attraction

#DragonsAreReal - Pokeball cheese plate, Dragon Egg desserts


Dwarf Invasion - Weapon X salad, Dragonzord party sub

Necromangocon - Xerxes salad, Riddle kale slaw

Kill all the Golfers - Groot and Xerxes salads

Black Fang - Luigi salad, Super Mario party sub


Zombie Killer - Weapon X or Kazar salads, Megatron party sub

The Dude's Rug - Kazar salad, Syndicate party sub


Jasmine Gree Tea IPA - Kazar salad, Dragonzord party sub

Wheat & Rice DIPA - Weapon X salad, Megatron party sub

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