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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It's finally here! The beginning of the Justice League. The movie was awesome, as we all had expected. Detroit is well represented throughout the movie, including an early driving scene that ends at Shelby and Fort St and the epic battle of Batman v Superman that happens right within the Russell Industrial Center.

One thing I must say about this movie, it is not a Batman movie! At least, not in the sense of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Yes, the movie did reintroduce the scene of Bruce Wanye's parents being shot when he was a child and there was some amazing nightmare sequences that were told from the Batman perspective. However, this was a epilogue to the Justice League. In a sense, it was reminisent of the first Avengers movie. A handful of easter eggs, a setup for the next movie and the exciting twist were all there. This movie is a Superhero movie, for comic lovers for sure!

The story was great, although it did have it's corny moments. Lex Luther's character was brilliant and I can't wait for his return. Ben Affleck did well, even though I have to admit I'm partial to Christain Bale as Batman. The hulk-buster looking suit that Batman wore was neat. Regarding Superman, this movie made his character more dynamic.

There is a batman bias that exist on our truck, so we would like to hear from another point of view. What did you think of the movie? What was your favorite part? Did you notice and scenes from Detroit?

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