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Hero or Villain takes on Movement Detroit

Hula hoopers strutting their stuff, vibrant colorful clothes wondering Hart Plaza and a

bass the makes Canada shake. Ahh yes, Movement was a blast! At Hero or Villain we were proud to be there with a ice cold beverage or freshly grilled sandwich, for all the festival goers. Feeding people hearty sandwiches with a smile is our goal as a business and we are grateful to everyone that came out.

Our team thanks all the fans that came back to eat with us each day and welcomes the newcomers into the allegiance. We were able to personally thank a few of you. Special shout out to Eaton Blumestein (below), who is now being called the Sandwich Eater MVP.


News has it, that our Street Shark Jab went MIA during one of the three days. He will be forever in our memory. We still powered through with the help of the thumping music flowing from the Red Bull Academy Stage and all the friendly faces that stopped by to either eat or chat with us. Some of those faces were vendors from other food trucks and merchandise booths.

We chatted with an artistic couple whom are the owners, Motu & Kozma, of Armageddon Beach Party. They shared their psychedelic lifestyle with us, as we shared our comic-book sandwiches with them. Most frequently, you can find this duo in The Rustbelt Market located in downtown Ferndale. They also travel state to state for festivals where they paint live and sell their art. Later this year, they are planning to open up a shop and gallery at a storefront in Midtown Detroit! Check them out @armageddon_beachparty on instagram or roam on their website for more info on what they are doing next.

Movement was an adventure that we will keep in our hearts. We saw Caribou and heard Kraftwerk from our rocking spot this year and hopefully we will do it all again next year. We enjoyed you all at movement and can’t wait to party it up again.

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