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The Dark Phoenix Rises!

Detroit's new favorite sandwich, the Dark Phoenix, is coming to a Hero Or Villain event near you! We wish we could take credit for this delicious creation, however the true hero is one of our loyal fans.

Ms. Amber supports Hero Or Villain every time we make it out to Edward Rose. She's had almost everything that we have crafted up. Back when we were attempting to fund raise on Kickstarter, we had a pledge amount that would allow our followers to create a new special. Amber quickly responded to our call for help and came up with something simple, yet super! Borrowing from our existing menu, she created an unique twist on the familiar Reuben sandwich.

The build begins where all Reubens should, with rye bread grilled to perfection. Next a layer of our house-made sesame ginger kale slaw, you might know it as our side called Riddler. Grilled separately, topping the slaw, is honey maple turkey with melted mozzarella cheese. A drizzle of mayo and a sprinkle of oregano and you have perhaps the most power being in the universe.

The Dark Phoenix saga is hands down one of the best X-Men stories. Chris Claremont and John Byrne wrote the original "Dark Phoenix Saga" in X-Men #129-138. The Hellfire Club has a dope squad and tries to control the Phoenix, with Mastermind's ability. Jean Grey dies, but not really. The story sets up, Sinister making a Jean Grey clone (Madelyne Pryor), Cyclops getting to married to her and having a baby (the OG Cable). The movie rendition in X-men 3... meh. Doesn't serve the saga justice. The saga is worth the read,

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