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Top 5: Reason to have a Food Truck at your Wedding

The New Year is here, he asked, she said "yes!" and now it's time to start planning the wedding! True, there will be the 'nitty gritty' details but this is the chance to host a super party celebrating love with friends and family. Once a season is settled on, one of the next steps will be determining a venue and catering. The hottest new trend for wedding catering is to have a food truck.

Whether you are looking for the main entree, horderves for cocktail hour or a midnight snack, food trucks are the best option! Here are our top 5 reasons why a food truck should cater your wedding:

Reason 1: Flexibility

With a kitchen on wheels, a food truck can follow you to your dream venue. We are a perfect fit for non traditional venues (such as barn weddings) and local favorites (e.g. Eastern Market). Whether you have a small engagement of 50 close friends and family, or you are feeding 300+ guests, food trucks have you covered.

Reason 2: Price

At an average of $10 per person, food trucks are about half the cost of tradition catering. With all the extra saving you might have enough to get that open bar, or splurge a little bit on that honeymoon!

Reason 3: Variety

Tired of that redundant chicken or fish option? Why not spice up that chicken with a Kingpin grilled sandwich from yours truly, Hero Or Villain, or a Comfort Bowl from Delectabowl, or some deep fried Amaze Balls from Mac Shack, Or how about all 3 and still pay less than you would for traditional catering?

Reason 4: Fresh Ingredients

Hero Or Villain and most other food trucks, make their dishes fresh to order. The far better tasting option compared to food that was cooked all at once and hot held. In addition, cooking fresh to order may be helpful to guest who would like to modify options because of preference or dietary concerns; we offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options and more.

Reason 5: WOW Factor

All the time and effort put forth to plan a wedding, you would want it to be memorable right? That's why you choose the perfect song for the first dance, that's why you hired a photo booth to be there and why you gave every guest a trinket with the date to remember. Well believe the catering experience should be just as memorable!

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