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A Food Truck for your Special Day?

It's the start of a new year. Are you planning a wedding for 2018? Well, if you are, KEEP READING. We are now booking dates for weddings for Spring/Summer 2018. There are so many reasons to have a food truck at your wedding, and quite a few ways to make it fit in with your special day.

For starters, if you're having an outdoor or a summer wedding, a food truck just makes sense! Food trucks can efficiently serve food to outdoor settings. In fact, we're kind of masters at it. Food trucks are also quite skilled with serving quality food even in warm temperatures. Food trucks are a win-win here.

Food trucks are also more than capable of serving a large crowd, and quickly! It's our thing. However, for larger wedding crowds, it would be wise to get a second truck in there. The beauty of having two trucks at your wedding? More options for your guests, and they are fed even quicker.

Many food trucks, including us here at Hero or Villain, are more than willing to adapt the menu to fit and cater to your needs! Price wise, we can work with you and find a package that best suits your wedding. But we can also be extremely flexible with the menu itself! For example, we have changed the name of menu items to all Marvel characters, per the bride and groom's request. We have even created a menu for a 100% Kosher event. We love being able to work one on one with our clients so we can guarantee their special day is as perfect as possible.

Not quite sure that a food truck catering the entire wedding is for you? Consider a food truck for a late night snack! After a long night of drinking and/or dancing, guests appreciate that extra snack. And honestly, who wouldn't want some loaded waffle fries after a night like that!!

Food trucks are fun. They're stylish. They're exciting. They're unique. Make your wedding the one to talk about, and bring on a food truck!

Want more information about having us their on your special day? Give us a call at 586-894-8665.

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