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Good Reads 2018

It's probably no secret that we love our comic books here at Hero or Villain. 2018 is already shaping up to be a helluva year for the comic book world, and we're only a few months in. Let's take a look into what is already out, and what's to come later this year.

While DC's infamous "Young Animal" story line is taking a break, it is making way for the much anticipated "Milk Wars" event. There are five one-shots slated for "Milk Wars". Each of these one-shots will provide back story to a new DC character and mini-series. We have quite a few DC fans on the truck, and we're ALL excited to see how "Milk Wars" is going to go. "Eternity Girl" will be the new character introduced through the "Milk Wars" story line, and it centers around a young woman named Caroline Sharp. Sharp is a superhero and spy who is made an offer she feel like she cannot refuse - destroy the entire world in return for her own mortality.

Even 90's Image fans have something to look forward to this year. "Bloodstrike" is certainly one to look into. Michel Fiffe is reviving this Rob Liefeld classic, using his own unique art style. The series is about a group of undead assassins. The United State government brought them back to life to make this super powered, deadly squad.

Perhaps what we are most excited about is a comic that debuted earlier this year in January. "Abbott" from BOOM! is a new, original comic and story line from the beautiful mine of Saladin Ahmed. It centers around a black female journalist by the name of Elena Abbott. She takes it upon herself to investigate a series of crime that her local police department has been ignoring. Of course, it is much darker than she was ever prepared for. The coolest part about this comic? It is based in 1970s Detroit.

While we're on the topic of comics, we do want to give a proper goodbye and shout out to our friends at Detroit Comics of Ferndale, MI. This cornerstone for comics is closing it's doors after a decade of operations. Brian Kelly and his awesome team at Detroit Comics have treated all of us like family, and we are sure it is safe to say every patron was treated the same. We will miss their presence in the comic book world, and working with them on Free Comic Book Day.

Looking for a new place to pick up your comics? Here are some awesome local comic book shops that you can check out! Vault of Midnight - Detroit, MI & Ann Arbor, MI Warp 9 - Clawson, MI Liberty Comics - Roseville, MI Back to the Past Collectibles - Livonia, MI GOB Retail - Troy, MI Comics & More - Madison Heights Comic City - Pontiac, MI 2nd & Charles - Utica, MI & Auburn Hills, MI

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