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A post E3 post...

E3 is the worlds largest (and most important) video game conference. Now that we’ve had some time to digest what we saw (and didn’t see) we here at Hero or Villain wanted to share the 10 games that we’re most excited for!

In no particular order…

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee (Nintendo Switch - November 2018)

Are YOU still playing Pokemon Go? We are! This game looks to be an incredible mash up of Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Go! The response to this game has been cut right down the middle. Half thinking this is going to be SO amazing and half feeling like this is just pandering to the Pokemon Go players. We can understand both sides, but while some of us on the truck are hard core Pokemon/Pokemon Go players, we’re happy to have something fun to pass the time before “Pokemon 2019”. That’s REALLY where the excitement is!

The Last of Us Part II (PS4 - TBA)

Is there ANYONE that has played The Last of Us that isn’t excited for part 2?! The answer is no. Naughty Dog killed it with the original game and we’re really hoping that Part II is going to continue down the same path as the first. The Last of Us took over the gaming world in 2013 and we’re thinking Part II is going to do the same thing again.

Killer Queen “Black” (Arcade- 2013 — Windows and Nintendo Switch - Q1 2018)

To those that aren’t aware, Killer Queen was an arcade release in 2013. This year it will be re-released on Windows and Switch. This is the worlds first 10 player arcade strategy game and is traditionally played in two teams of 5. We HIGHLY recommend watching some gameplay videos on youtube, but let’s put it this way… any game that you can win by riding a snail sounds great to us!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch - December 2018)

This was Nintendo’s main game this E3 and we’re totally geeked about it. The fact that they’re bringing back EVERY SINGLE Smash Bros character is amazing. …and we can’t forget that they’re introducing Ridley! Ridley is the nemesis of Samus from the Metroid Prime games, so this is going to be AMAZING! We saw some game play too and it looks incredible.

Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 - TBA)

Set in 1274 Japan, Samurai are attempting to fight the Mongol forces and YOU get to play as a Samurai. I mean, that should be enough of a selling point right there, but the graphics and game play controls push this into something that we’re incredibly excited about. 3rd person perspective, action-adventure stealth in an open world… now we just need a release date!

Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, Xbox One, Windows - June 2019)

Based on a pen and paper RPG that was released in 1988, CD Projekt Red have brought this dystopian look at an alternate future set in Northern California. You’ll play as a character named V and will have total control over your characters appearance. Played in first person, the game is about surviving the streets when the government has fallen and corporations and gangs run life. Your “street cred” will help determine your life… and how long it lasts.

Mega Man 11 (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows - October 2018)

Based on the gameplay that we’ve seen of Mega Man 11, you can be sure that this will fit in perfectly with the older Mega Man titles. Classic gameplay and incredible music will make certain that taking down Dr. Wily and his eight Robot Masters will be LOADS of nostalgic fun!

Control (PS4, Xbox One, Windows - 2019)

Remedy (those that brought you Max Payne 1 & 2, Alan Wake and Quantum Break) are back with a new title that we think will be their best game yet! Control is based around a character named Jessie that is working as the head of the Bureau of Control, which seems to be some kind of X-Files like governmental body that can use telekinesis. From what we know, and what we’ve seen, this one is gonna be weird. We like weird.

We Happy Few (PS4, Xbox One, Windows - August 2018)

A first person role playing survival game, We Happy Few takes place in the fictional city of Wellington Wells in the 1960’s following an alternate version of World War II. The city is in shambles due to its inhabitants overuse of a hallucinogenic drug that causes obedience and ignorance to the real truth of their lives. Influenced by the movie ‘Brazil’ and the books Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World, We Happy Few promises to not only be a great game, but to make you think.

Spiderman (PS4 - September 2018)

You didn’t think we would have a list of games and leave out Spiderman, did you?

Telling a new story that is not in comic book or movie form, Spiderman is going to allow you to play as Peter Parker and (of course) Spiderman in a completely open world New York City. Words can’t explain how smooth and incredible the gameplay and graphics look so we REALLY recommend checking out some gameplay videos! Speaking of videos, who do YOU think the secret villain is that showed up at the end of the most recent trailer? We’ve heard a few ideas and rumors and can’t wait to find out!

We had to stop ourselves at 10, but this list could go on and on. What games are you most excited for? What games didn’t show up that you were waiting for? Let us know!

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