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What does a Fitbit have to do with our melty cheese?

There is a time in everyone’s life that they think to themselves “I’d REALLY like a delicious sandwich from Hero or Villain but I’m trying to “be good” with my calories so I’ll pass.”

Well. I, Colette, am here to tell you that this is nonsense. You CAN eat from our truck and keep an eye on your calories. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to kick my own butt into some shape and, as you can imagine, working nearly every day on Hero or Villain, I thought that I would have a really hard time. I bought myself a Fitbit tracker (please note my incredible choice of Star Trek watch face, LLAP) and started to investigate.

I looked into our bread first. Our bread comes from Knickerbocker bakery and we had a list of all of the calorie content of all of the breads we use on the truck. Of course, each slice of bread differs in size and content here or there, but I’m just working on an average. For any bread on the truck, it seems that we’re looking at around about 100 calories per slice.

Next we have meat. This one is pretty easy because all of our meats are portioned to exactly 4oz, which is a recommended serving size. Our chicken, turkey and steak average 120-150 calories per serving.

Now, cheese. To me, it’s not a sandwich unless there is cheese. I started researching cheese and found that mozzarella has the lowest calories with around 180 per 2oz, which is about the amount we add per sandwich. Swiss is a little higher at 200 or so and cheddar weighs in the most at around 220. For me, this makes mozzarella a clear winner!

The calorie content in the fresh vegetables we add to the sandwiches is negligible, so I don’t pay much attention to that. I LOAD them on! The more the better. I do truly like to add giardiniera (our delicious spicy pickled vegetables that we pile on to the Bowcaster loaded fries) to get a crunchy kick, so that’s worth trying too.

Lastly we need to talk about what ~not~ to do if you’re calorie conscious. Number 1, butter. I love butter. I might love butter as much as Paula Deen, so not slathering my bread in butter before it lays down on the hot flat top grill is something that honestly makes me a little sad. However, when all is said and done and I’m biting into the hot melty cheese on my sandwich, I don’t notice it’s absence. Number 2, and this is one that some might find difficult, condiments. Mayo is delicious. Our sriracha mayo is even more delicious and our peso aioli is to die for. You can always omit any of these, substitute mustard or even just ask for them light.

With all of these options combined, my daily truck sandwich is coming in at around 500 calories, give or take and for something that I’m eating every day, I think that’s pretty awesome!

So, next time you see us and you’re thinking that you need something a little lower on the calorie scale, just let us know and we can make these adjustments for you so you can enjoy your lunch to its fullest.

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