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Who ARE these Heroes and Villains?

It dawned on us recently that not every one of our loyal sandwich eaters is also a comic book reader, so we’ve decided to throw together a simple list of our core four sandwiches to let you know who your favorite sandwiches are named after!

Let’s start with our Heroes:

You don’t really need to know comics to know Thor. Mythological Thor and Marvel’s Thor are’t exactly the same but the basics are. For clarification we’ll be talking about Marvel’s Thor.

Thor, son of Odin, is the God of Thunder. He and his people come from a realm near Earth, called Asgard, and are considered to be Gods by humans. Thor wields a massive hammer that can only be lifted by those worthy. He uses it to summon lightning, thunder, rain and wind. He is a founding member of the Avengers and is widely considered one of the top comic book heroes of all time.

Our Thor sandwich features turkey, bacon, cheddar, romaine tomato and mayo, all on buttery grilled sourdough.


Next we have Captain Planet.

Captain Planet will be a very familiar name to 90’s kids. One of the few sandwiches not coming from the world of comics, the Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon dominated our TV screens from 1990-1996. The Planeteers were 5 young people from around the world, chosen by Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. They help defend the world from environmental disasters, each wielding a ring that controls an element of nature. When these five rings combine, they call upon the Super Hero Captain Planet, who possesses all of their powers, magnified.

Our Captain Planet is the staple vegetarian (and easily made vegan) option in our core four. Balsamic and garlic marinated Portobella Mushrooms, mozzarella, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and our house made pesto aioli on a butter grilled hoagie.


Onto the Villains!


Deathstroke is a Villain who appears across a wide variety of comics in the DC Universe. From Teen Titans, to Green Arrow and Batman, he is often chosen as one of the greatest Villains. As a result of an Army experiment, Deathstroke is a meta human super-soldier. He is said to use 90% of his brain capacity and possesses heightened strength, reflexes, agility and self healing powers. He has years of military experience, is a martial artist and is proficient at the use of most melee weapons. You really don’t want this guy after you.

Our Deathstroke is grilled steak, provolone cheese, caramelized onions, bell peppers and mayo on a butter grilled hoagie.


Last but not least, Kingpin.

Kingpin is New York City’s crime overlord in the Marvel Universe. You’ll see him in Spiderman, Daredevil and Punisher. Though typically getting his gang to do the dirty work, he carries a cane and isn’t afraid to use it in combat. Don’t let his shape deceive you. Most of his body mass is muscle and he has incredible strength. This guy has fought Captain America in hand to hand combat!

Our Kingpin has chicken, mozzarella, spinach, tomato and pesto aioli on butter grilled sourdough.


So now you’re in the know! Will hearing a little about our core 4 Heroes and Villains sway your decision when you make your next order?

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