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Who is YOUR Batman?

Batman is one of the most important Super Heroes in existence and has been played by more actors than any other character.

Everyone has "their" Batman. It could be the Batman that was popular when you were a kid, or the one that you have come to love the most.

Who is YOUR Batman?

Technically Adam West wasn't the 1st Batman to ever hit the screens, but that's where we're going to start.


Adam West graced our TV screens as Batman from 1966-1968, with one film in 1966.


Michael Keaton was Batman from 1989-1992 in Batman and Batman Returns.


Val Kilmer played Batman in Batman Forever in 1995.


Next we have George Clooney in 1997's Batman and Robin.


Christian Bale was Batman from 2005-2012 in The Dark Knight Trilogy.


Ben Affleck was Batman in three films from 2016-2017. Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League.


Lastly that leaves us with our newest Batman, Robert Pattinson, set to take the screen in 2021's The Batman.


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