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Eating for $5 from a Detroit Food Truck

$5? Yes! Let's see what you can get from us and some of our friends for just $5!

Of course we have to start with our Bowcaster loaded fries. Crispy seasoned waffle fries, diced giardiniera, crumbled feta cheese and sriracha mayo. This is our most talked about AND most crave-able menu item. Some might be apprehensive because we're not too familiar with giardiniera here in Michigan. Spicy pickled vegetables on loaded fries just sounds odd! Trust us though, when the creamy feta comes through with the giardiniera and mixes with the spicy sriracha mayo all held together with the hot seasoned waffle fries, it's a perfect bite!


Next, we have our very good friends at The Mean Weenie. For $5 you can get our favorite dog, the Keen Weenie! Dearborn All Beef Hot Dog, topped with Apple Cider Braised Leeks, Sharp Cheddar, Bourbon Mustard. Delicious!


Now, we have our pals over at Streetside Sushi will hook you up with a Salmon Avocado roll for 5 bucks! It's also one of the best items on the menu. Sushi perfection.


Last but not least, we can't talk $5 food truck friends and not mention Mac Shack. Not only are all of their Mini portions of Mac and Cheese under $5, but our favorite menu item, the Amaze Balls are! 3 deep fried mac ‘n cheese balls served with ranch, marinara or buffalo sauce. Yes please!


Who said you can't get anything these days for $5? Not us!

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