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Blackfire or Starfire: May Specials

Teen Titans go crazy for these sandwiches!

This month’s specials, the Blackfire & Starfire, battle it out for the month of May— fighting to rank supreme.

The Blackfire is the brainchild of our beloved team member, Will. Stacking steak, bacon, egg, mozzarella, grilled bell peppers, grilled onions, giardiniera, and sriracha mayo on grilled sourdough, this was a creation that he’d cook up for himself on a regular basis.

Itching to share his obsession with the world, we settled on the name Blackfire. While the name is an obvious nod to the Teen Titan's villain, the name also doubles as a representation of Black excellence and a fire sandwich!

Making it a family affair, we crafted the Starfire; marinated mushrooms, hummus, spinach, and grilled onions on grilled rye, offering a delicious vegan option. With a blast of greens, this is an intentional reminiscent of the iconic green star bolts sent by the animated series Starfire character.

As one of DC's most beloved teams, Teen Titans are the focus of this month's specials.

The original Teen Titans were first created in 1964 joining forces in DC's The Brave & The Bold #54.

Since then, the team has had several different members and has been portrayed in various media.

Perhaps the most renowned and lovable would be the Teen Titans Go! animated series.

A recent screen adaption of the team sees them in a more adult setting in the HBO Max series, Titans. This ongoing series is slated for a new season later this year.

So, who are Blackfire & Starfire? Sisters of the royal family of the planet Tamaran, of course.

In the 1982 Tales of the New Teen Titans #4, we learn that this family rivalry stems from a genetic defect that prevents Blackfire from flying.

As the firstborn, Blackfire would traditionally be the next ruler of Tamaran but due to her inability to fly, the throne was given to her sister, Starfire.

After an attempt to kill her sister, Blackfire was banished from Tamaran where she joined forces with the Citadel, who then successfully invaded Tamaran and enslaved Starfire.

Eventually, both Blackfire and Starfire were captured by the Psions who experimented on the sisters.

Due to a fortunate machine malfunction, Starfire was able to break free. As the altruistic being she is, Starfire saves her sister– only to then be attacked by Blackfire once more.

In the end, Starfire escapes to Earth where she becomes a member of the Teen Titans!

Yet, the saga continues. Experience the battle first-hand and try our Blackfire & Starfire specials during May. Who will win this battle?


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