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Thanksgiving leftover sandwich: The Hobgoblin Recipe

It's that time of year again when we get together with friends and family to celebrate giving thanks, turkeys, and touchdowns. One of the best parts of Thanksgiving has to be the leftovers. The joys of not having to cook or pay for takeout the next day, perhaps even two, are priceless. Thanksgiving leftovers are great on their own but what if we were to amplify that experience? At Hero or Villain, we created just the sandwich to level up your leftovers. We call it the HOBGOBLIN!

Best Thanksgiving leftover sandwich recipe. The Hobgoblin from Hero or Villain

Here is what you will need:

  • Turkey: It should be easy to come by the day after Thanksgiving. However, in case you need to purchase, we suggest Boar's Head Maple Turkey.

  • Stuffing: This step is optional but highly recommended going for it.

  • Onions: We use red onions, but you can also use white/yellow onion or shallot.

  • Greens: We use arugula to add a peppery taste but really whatever you have available will work i.e. spinach, romaine, shaved brussels sprouts, and maybe some leftover salad. The world is yours.

  • Cranberry Cream Cheese: We use mascarpone but regular cream cheese with a bit of sugar would be a quick substitute. Add some leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving and you are in business.

  • Bread: The best way to do this is with thick-cut pumpkin bread. Honestly, any bread will do. It just may not be as epic without the pumpkin bread.

  • Butter: Good old fashion butter or even olive oil will grill the bread best but feel free to use any butter substitute.


  • Saute Pan/Griddle/Panini Press

  • Spatula

  • Butter Knife/Plastic Spatula

  • Knife

  • Cutting Board


4 - 6 oz turkey (hot or cold)

2 tbsps stuffing

1 tbsp grilled onions

1/4 c arugula

3 tbsps butter

2 slices thick-cut pumpkin bread

Cranberry cream cheese

1 tbsps cranberry sauce

2 tbsps cream cheese/mascarpone

(optional) 2 tsp sugar, if using cream cheese


  1. Slice about a 1/4 of a medium size red onion and grill with 1 tbsp of butter/oil on medium heat.

  2. Add salt and pepper and cook until onions are soft, aromatic and slightly translucent. Then set aside.

  3. Combine cranberry sauce with cream cheese/mascarpone. Then set aside.

  4. Heat stuffing and turkey, if you desire hot turkey. Then set aside.

  5. Melt 1 tbsp butter in a pan at medium-low heat. Place 1 slice of pumpkin bread in with the melted butter and let the bread grill.

  6. Remove that piece of bread once slightly browned. Add another tbsp of butter to the pan, along with the other slice of pumpkin bread.

  7. Spread your cranberry cream cheese on the slightly browned bread.

  8. Start stacking your ingredient onto the bread in the pan. Starting with the stuffing and onions, followed by turkey, then arugula and finally top with your slice of bread that has cream cheese spread.

  9. Flip your sandwich we reheat the other topped piece of bread.

  10. Cut in half and enjoy!


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