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The New DCU

Big nerdy news has just been announced and we are here to walk you through the new DCU.

Not too long ago it was revealed that the DCEU would be coming to an end and making way for a whole new era of DC entertainment. With James Gunn at the helm of this new beginning, we are sure to get some great scenes, awesome soundtracks, and deep character cuts. The co-CEO of DC studios, also announced that the movies and shows will have more connectivity, mirroring that of the MCU.

The transition will not be fully recognized until next year, but it is suggested that the upcoming Flash movie will be responsible for the hard reset. Some characters will be recast, while some actors may stay the same. Titles like the Joker sequel or the Matt Reeves Batman sequel will continue on as planned, but as Elseworld material, not to be considered canon… at least for now.

With so many moving pieces in this announcement, we will make an attempt below to clear up what will be new, what will go away, what exists in its own world, and projects that have been rumored but not confirmed.

The New - Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters


Superman: Legacy July 11th, 2025

The Authority

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

The Brave and the Bold


Gotham Knights March 14th, 2023

Creature Commando

Booster Gold

The Lanterns

Paradise Lost


Canceled or Ended


Wonder Woman 3

Man of Steel 2 - Herny Cavill as Superman

Ben Affleck as Batman (said to appear in The Flash & Aquaman movie)

The Wonder Twins


The Titans

Doom Patrol


The Flash




Legends of Tomorrow

Strange Adventures

Madame X

In its own world (Elseworld)


The Penguin series

The Batman: Part II October 3rd, 2025

Joker: Folie à Deux October 4th, 2024

Swamp Thing


Teen Titans GO February 6th, 2023

Superman & Lois March 14th, 2023

Unconfirmed Projects

Sandman season 2

Justice U



Static Shock


Dead Boy Detectives

Constantine 2

Justice League Dark


Movies Slated for 2023

Shazam March 17th

The Flash June 16th

Blue Beetle August 18th

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom December 25th

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